The AlēvCare journey began in 2016 when co-founder, David Dowd, found himself at the beginning of a critical career decision: to accept an advancement opportunity from his current employer or to explore a life-long calling to start a company that could make a difference in the community in which he’s lived since the 1970s.  With over 20 years in the healthcare industry surrounded by amazing nurses, techs, biomedical engineers, marketers and leaders, David was determined to embark on a new path to make a positive impact on our country’s aging population.  He respectfully declined the new role and, with the partnership of co-founder, Craig Porter, AlēvCare Hospice was founded to compassionately deliver patient-centric care throughout North Texas.

David wanted a name for the new company that conveyed his attitude toward patient-centric care and differentiated the company from so many of the similar-sounding hospice company names currently in the market.  His father always told him that “the only way to act genuine, is to be genuine” and it was important to David to make sure that the company name exemplified our genuine desire to provide amazing care to patients and their families.  While exploring various names for the new company, he looked up synonyms for “palliative” and “hospice”, and the word “alleviate” stood out to David like a blinking neon sign.  You see, “to alleviate” is exactly what we do in hospice.  We work tirelessly to alleviate pain and discomfort and we work compassionately to alleviate concerns and stress for both patients and their families.  Moments after seeing that “blinking neon sign”, the company had a name that genuinely describes what we do at AlēvCare Hospice.


Our vision is that AlēvCare Hospice will be the leading resource to the communities we serve in North Texas in addressing the issues of life-limiting illness and to be recognized as an innovative leader in growing awareness about the benefits of hospice care while setting the standard for compassionately delivering the most comforting care possible and alleviating the issues associated with end-of-life care for our patients, their families and our healthcare partners.


To alleviate the problems, issues and challenges associated with life-threatening illnesses by wrapping our arms around our patients and their loved ones in their time of need.   We provide relief, support and compassionate care specially tailored to their individual physical, social, psychological and spiritual needs and we are dedicated to increasing awareness in the communities we serve about the benefits of hospice care.